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If you or your student suspect or become aware of any students or adults in a school who are planning or acting in any unsafe way, please let us know.

Pathways’ Choice Program focuses on long-term success

Lance San Millan  Pathways principal

The roads to success at DISD’s Pathways High School are many and varied, but the mission remains the same for all students: long-term success facilitated by self-paced learning programs in an encouraging environment where expectations are high and student accountability firm.


“Classes in Pathways’ Choice Program cater to students who have fallen behind in their credits for one reason or another, or students who need to work part-time to help support themselves or their families,” said Principal Lance San Millan. “We have strict guidelines that govern who can enroll in our Choice Program, but our learning programs are flexible and self-paced, requiring a lot of self-discipline and responsibility on the part of students. Our students work at computers most of the time, progressing through the various levels of mastery in the subjects they are studying. In the end, they must pass the same tests that our regular DHS students must pass in order to move on to the next grade level or to graduate. The material is not any easier here. We’re just a little more flexible in our instruction, which allows our students to progress at a faster pace.”


San Millan says some students stay at Pathways for a short length of time in order to catch up, while others remain until they graduate. “Circumstances and individual needs play a big part in our students’ educational lives,” said San Millan. “We’re here to help facilitate learning for them, regardless of those circumstances…to give them an avenue for staying in school and graduating. We give them freedom to learn at their own pace, in their own way and time, to accomplish their goals while growing and maturing academically and personally. Our graduation rate here at Pathways is extremely high, and we’re proud of that; not for ourselves, but for our kids, because it increases their chances of enjoying successful lives.”


Centrally located in Denison right behind Munson Stadium, Pathways is the DISD alternative education center for high school students.


Lance San Millan principal
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