Elizabeth Schielack

Elizabeth Schielack is from Durant, Oklahoma and holds a BS in Art Education and a BA in Spanish from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She started teaching in Denison in 2012 and loves this town, school, and program so much. Prior to teaching, Elizabeth lived briefly in Granada, Spain where she fell in love with Moorish art and architecture. She is happily married to Matthew Schielack, one of the Directors of the DHS Theatre program. They recently had a daughter, Aspen, who is the delight of their lives. The Schielacks also have two dogs, Harker and Diyah, and one cat, Ryla.

Elizabeth came to art late in life and understands when people say things like, "I'm not good at art," or "I can't even draw a stick figure," because she used to say those things too. She believes that everyone can get better at art, even if they won't become the next Da Vinci. One of the most valuable qualities in the workforce is creativity, so Elizabeth tries to push her students to be flexible and creative thinkers. She often tells her students that artists are people who come up with creative solutions to impossible problems.