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Dear Houston Parents,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DISD Physical Education will look a little different this year. DISD Physical Educators will be making adjustments to comply with guidelines provided by the Texas Education Agency, as published in our Campus Return to School Plan. By making these adjustments, we believe meaningful work will be accomplished by our students. We also believe now, more than ever, there is a need for children to engage in purposeful physical education to ensure a successful transition back into school. We want our students to feel safe, confident, and happy!


The overall Physical Education program's goal is to improve each student's skill and health-related fitness. Our main goal for your child is for him/her to achieve not only a feeling of success, but develop good self-esteem, while having fun and gaining a greater understanding of the importance of good physical fitness.


Each class period will consist of a warm-up (exercise/running), an activity (game/skill), and a cool down. Due to the nature of our class, as well as for the safety of your child, we encourage and indeed prefer that each student come appropriately dress ed for P.E.


The following are some guidelines that will assist us in both the upkeep of the gym and the safety of our students:

  • Non-marking tennis shoes required

  • For the safety our students as well as to protect the Gym floor, the following footwear will not be allowed: boots, slip-on s, platform-type shoes, sandals, the wheeled tennis shoes, and or dress shoes are not allowed.

  • For the safety of our students, no stocking or bare feet will be allowed during participation.


We appreciate your help and cooperation on these matters. We feel that safety and participation are important for your child. If you have any questions throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Coach Price


Coach Knox


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