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B. McDaniel Beginner Band

6th Grade Band

Distance Learning (Essential Elements Interactive, EEi)


Essential Elements Interactive® is an online resource that will help make playing music more fun. There are a few steps to get you started with EEi. Follow these simple steps and you will be up and running with EEi in no time.  


Activate your account: Go to  


Step 1: Click on Students logo and click Enroll in Your Class  


Step 2: Copy and paste the School Code: BMcDanielIBand38


Enter Student ID: D______ 


Step 3: Create your Username and Password* (For future reference, write it down on a piece of paper)  


Step 4: Agree to terms and enter your EEi Student Activation Code.  After you create your account, you will use your username and password to log-in from that point forward. (If your book does not have an EEi Activation Code, click the “I have an older book…” check box.)





When you log in to Essential Elements Interactive, you will see a tab called "My Assignments" in the middle of the screen. That tells you what song number to practice. Then, click on "Music Studio" in the upper right hand corner, and it will show a complete song list. You can pick the number for the song. From there, it will show you both the music, as well as different backing tracks you can play along with!


These assignments are not required to be recorded or submitted for a grade. However, the students need to complete their practice logs on this website because they will be graded. 


If a student would like to continue their progress on their Band Karate Sheets they can submit a recording of their song in the “Music Studio” tab. 


Our main goal during this extended closure is to keep students actively playing their instruments.  We do not wish to burden or overwhelm any family or individual.  All students should have their instrument and band binder.  Please contact me immediately if you do not have one of these items.


Denison Practice Videos


We have also provided practice videos for all grade levels to use as extra help with their daily practice. Just click on the link below.



Jordonn Searcy

Band Director

B. McDaniel Intermediate School

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